Hamas fires more than 90 rockets and mortar shells into Israel in one night

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has been suffering from Hamas rocket attacks for well over a decade. Where is the world’s condemnation? The silence is deafening.

The Gaza Strip

In 2005, Israel pulled all of its citizens out of the Gaza Strip. It was a traumatic time for the State of Israel. They did so in the hopes of moving towards peace. The government of Israel gave the “Palestinians” an opportunity to build their own state. And what did the “Palestinians” do? They destroyed all that Israel built up. They turned a beautiful place into a house of terror. The “Palestinian” Authority made a coalition government with Hamas, a terrorist organization. And Hamas has been firing thousands upon thousands of rockets at Israeli men, women, and children for more years than you want to believe.

And the world is silent. The only noise they make is when it’s to condemn Israel for something that isn’t their fault and to propagate lies about the Jewish state.

Hamas Rocket Attacks

Hamas rocket attacks against Israel are horrifying, traumatizing, destructive, and deadly. Why do the news headlines not criticize the terrorist organization? Does the world not care that children sleep in bomb shelters because Hamas fires barrages of rockets at them and on their homes – where it’s supposed to be safe? When a kindergarten is hit by a rocket and the world says nothing, it’s painful.

Not only are the rockets physically damaging to property and people, but the emotional impact it leaves on children and adults alike stays with them forever.

It’s terrifying that Israelis are being pounded by rockets.

And it’s terrifying that the world is silent.


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