Greece Mobilizes Forces As Tensions With Turkey Rise

by Micha Gefen

When Bibi Netanyahu formed an Eastern Mediterranean alliance with Greece and Cyprus, the Turkish leadership took notice.

Out of the three countries, Israel is by far the strongest power and with it on board, any Turkish aggression risks bringing Israel into the fray.

The current tensions beginning to boil is Turkey’s push towards breaking out of what it sees as an increasingly isolated position. In some ways Israel’s peace deal with the UAE, bringing an alternate source of oil plays into Turkey’s insecurity.

However, Turkey’s biggest concern is the strengthening of Cyprus and Greece’s ability to control their movement and gas drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean. This will put them in firm control of what Turkey considers a strategically important area.

How Will Israel Be Involved?

If there is war between Greece and Turkey then most observers expect some sort of Israeli participation. Erdogan is a nemesis of both and if he begins to attack Greece he will make a move to come after Israel as well.

If that happens then things will spiral out of control quickly.

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