Google’s Head of Diversity Gets Blasted for Antisemitic Blog Post

by Phil Schneider

Google and Facebook are the two most powerful companies today. They don’t just have mammoth budgets that are far greater than the GDP of tens of countries. They have the eyes, ears, and minds of hundreds of millions of people under their control. Really? Do they really control what people think? Much more than we may like to think.

Do Google and Facebook have nefarious goals? I don’t think so. They are both squarely based physically and ideologically in the far-left section of the world called Silicon Valley. When they speak of the need for promoting diversity, that means that a diverse group of people who all subscribe to the radical progressive ideologies of the left can work for them. They must look and have family connections from multiple countries and they must be politically correct to the core – so as not to harm the feelings of any progressive leftists.

When the Head of Diversity is exposed as previously – and probably now also – having radical anti-Semitic views, this should not come as a surprise to anyone. The fact that Google did not fire him, but shifted him to a different role should not surprise either. The main point here is that a simple decision by Google or Facebook to disallow or cancel any opinion that they don’t subscribe to is truly dangerous to all freedom-loving people. The fact that anti-Trump character assassination is accepted and even embraced on these platforms whereas anti-radical Muslim opinions are censored is a new norm that shields the masses from the truth. Twitter is probably the worst of the mega social media companies. Ultimately, some level of government oversight needs to be put in place in order to ensure that there is freedom of speech. Otherwise, social media will become synonymous with slanted media.

If you are not convinced, google the words “Google Diversity”.

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