Gaza Rocket Aimed at Modiin Lands in Arab Town Instead

by Leah Rosenberg

This is not the first Gaza rocket that didn’t get to its intended target. But it says a lot about Hamas and what they value.

Gaza Rocket Misses Target

When a Gaza Rocket doesn’t injure or kill the Jewish people, we must be thankful to G-d. But it tells the world what they need to know about Hamas: Hamas doesn’t value life. Even the lives of Arabs. Hamas shoots rockets at Israel despite the fact that the rockets can and do kill and injure Arabs as well. They don’t care that many of their rockets land within Gaza. Hamas tried to shoot rockets at Modiin to “avenge” for the fact that 9 Palestinian Arabs were killed in clashes with the IDF. The rocket hit near the Arab town of Azzan in Judea and Samaria. No one was injured, but damage was caused. Arabs have been rioting and acting violent. What is the IDF supposed to do? Sit back and watch as they destroy and harm innocent people? Thousands of Arabs have been rioting. Thousands of rockets have been fired at Israel. Innocent Israelis have been killed, including a young child. Hundreds have been injured. Why doesn’t the world care when it’s Israelis that have been killed and hurt?

The mainstream media reports the numbers from Gaza because those numbers are higher. Why are those numbers higher? Because Hamas puts its people at risk while Israel defends its people. Additionally, most of those killed in Gaza have been terrorists. Looking at the numbers of how many have been killed does not indicate which side is right and which side is wrong. It indicates which side values life.

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