Gay Conservative College Student Leader Commits Suicide after Extreme Cyber Bullying

by Avi Abelow

Wilson Gavin was a gay conservative student in Australia who led a protest against a Drag Queen Story Hour in a public library. A video of the protest, showcasing Gavin front and center, went viral and caused many drag queens and their supporters to cyber-bully Gavin online. The next morning Gavin was found dead in an apparent suicide.

Wilson Gavin was a very interesting and strong individual. He made the news back in 2017 for opposing same-sex marriage, a position he held even though he himself is gay.  He was then saying ‘I support what marriage really is and I’m gay.’ 

“Marriage has always been an institution between a man and a woman,” Gavin said in a radio interview at the time.

“More deeply, I’m just worried about the negative ramifications that can come directly from same-sex marriage,” he added, which he claimed would force churches to perform same-sex marriages and children to learn about LGBTQ people in schools.

Drew Pavlou, a friend of Wilson Gavin’s, said that ‘at his core Wilson was a very kind person that cared for others.’

‘I had the great privilege of seeing that side of him in life. 

‘He was hilarious and a riot to be around, his fame will always remain legendary.’ 

It is so sad that Wilson took his life, a victim of the vicious culture war being led by the left. Day by day they strengthen their battle against traditional Judea/Christian values together with an attitude of intolerance and violence against anyone who dares voice opposing views.

May Wilson’s memory be a blessing.

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