Muslim gang attacks are happening throughout London, and the mayor is silent

by Leah Rosenberg

Sadiq Khan is London’s mayor. A mayor should tackle the issues of the city and improve life. But as Muslim gangs attack Afro-Caribbeans, he does nothing.

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has spent his time tweeting against President Trump and insulting him instead of dealing with the constant murders and violence in his city. Muslim gangs are trying to take control of the streets and are murdering, stabbing, and carrying out acid attacks against Afro-Caribbeans. And the criminals are using social media to threaten rival gangs.

Children are being killed. This is a multicultural age, and the press has no idea how to apply pressure. It seems like many world leaders are also clueless. But how can anyone let these types of attacks go on in a Western, civilized country like England? We must be accepting of all people, but not when they are harming our society. And these Muslim gangs are most definitely harming our society.

Will Khan Not Criticize His Own?

Sadiq Khan is a Muslim himself. Does he have trouble criticizing Muslim gangs because he identifies with Muslims? He has no trouble criticizing Trump. And that is definitely not his job.

Wherever the wrong is happening and whichever people are the perpetrators of the violence, the mayor must act. Too many young ones are being lost to such despicable violence. Sadly, it is happening throughout the world, not just in London. But if we cannot tackle the issue, it will just continue to happen. And our world cannot afford that.

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