From the Sbarro Bombing Attack Came This Remarkable Story

by Leah Rosenberg

On August 9 2001, a Muslim Arab blew himself up in Jerusalem’s Sbarro Pizza store. 15 innocent people were murdered. About 130 were injured.

The Sbarro Suicide Bombing

It was a horrific massacre that took place that day in the Sbarro pizza shop on August 9, 2001. Included in the 15 people murdered by the Muslim Arab who blew himself up were 7 children. The tragedy was beyond heartbreaking, to say the least. Can you imagine? People enjoying themselves in a pizza store, and their lives being cut short because of an insane ideology that says to murder innocent Jewish men, women, and children. The Jewish enemy hates life and values death. It is terrifying that we are fighting against such a sick belief.

The contrast between the Jewish enemy and the love that the Jewish people have for life is so clear. The way the Jewish people care for each other is inspiring and remarkable. Although we have our differences, at the end of the day, we will be there for each other. We will give whatever we have to in order to help our fellow brothers and sisters. 

Giving a pair of shoes might have been no big deal to the person who gave Mrs. Schoenig the shoes. Or maybe that person felt like he was giving her everything. Who knows. Either way, he did whatever he felt he could at the time. What is clear is that when our enemies bring more darkness in the world, this type of kindness shines infinite light.

And that’s the beauty of the Jewish people.

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