Former “Palestinian” Arab Terrorist Begs Israel to Retake Gaza

by Phil Schneider

Is there a silent majority of Arabs in Israel that actually dream of Israel destroying the radical Islamic terrorists that are fighting against Israel? No. But there indeed are many Arabs who see things differently than the majority of Arabs who are unified in their pure hatred to everything Jewish or Israeli.

What drives most Arab young men? Are they more driven to be terrorists and kill Jews or to have upward mobility, financial stability, and a happy family? The real answer in the case of Israel is that being an Arab terrorist is the most effective method towards upward mobility, financial stability and a happy family. Of course, it is dangerous to be a terrorist, and sometimes ends with an afterlife of bliss – in the minds of young Arabs. But more often than not, deciding to enter the world of terror leads to a major influx of cash for Arab terrorists. And if the terrorist is imprisoned, then the family of the terrorist is well taken care of by the corrupt Palestinian Authority.

The pay-to-slay policy of the Palestinian Authority is not a hidden policy, but a publicly stated norm that has existed in Israel for decades. It is perhaps the most important aspect of funding terror that must be squelched if Israel wants to put a dent into the major incentives that are driving Arab terrorism against Israel.

So, must Israel destroy Hamas and the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza? Of course. But even that is not enough. Israel must also make a few basic strategic decisions. Israel must destroy any form of financial incentives towards terror. Israel must outlaw any textbooks that encourage hatred of the State of Israel. And lastly, Israel must mass produce their own weapons in order to never be left in the lurch without the weaponry needed to defeat its enemies.    

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