Former Mossad chiefs open up about Israel publishing intelligence of secret operations

by Leah Rosenberg

It is always interesting to hear what former Mossad chiefs have to say about Israel and its actions. Specifically, they discuss how Israel dealt with Iran.

Former Mossad Chiefs Opinions

Israelis are honest. That is something you can always count on. So of course, former Mossad chiefs are not going to hold back on what they think of the way Israel and PM Netanyahu dealt with Iran. Should Israel have shared how they had a secret operation? Should they have shared all the information they gathered? Some of these men think Netanyahu shared too much, and some actually think he did not share enough. You are never going to have such strong minded people all agreeing. But that is the beauty of Israel and the Jewish people!


Whatever the opinions are, we hope that Israel is doing its best to fight against Iran. We hope the Western world will be able to win in this war against terrorism.

Not only is Iran threatening the stability of the Middle East at large, but the regime is bringing down its own country and people. Iranians don’t want to be suffering anymore because of the regime. They don’t want the regime to be spending billions on terrorism instead of on food and the economy. Will they be able to overthrow their own government? Will someone else do it for them? We will just have to wait and see.

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