Arabs admit what they think about Zionists

by Phil Schneider

This short grassroots video is a very important video. It attempts to show that the concept of an Arab identity in Israel does not just include a small disputed area in Judea and Samaria. The average Joe Arab on the street in Israel may be happier and better off in Israel than in another Arab country. But, they will rarely say that the battle for the Land is about the disputed areas of Judea and Samaria. They will nearly always say that they object to the concept of a 2-State solution. The ultimate goal is indeed to drive the Jews into the sea and have a one-state solution. This, of course, explains why the problem is so implacable.

How did this evolve? It goes back to the age-old concepts of anti-Jewish hatred among the Arab population in the Middle East. This is not a 100 year old issue. It has just become a much larger issue over the last 100 years. There is no doubt that the mass of Arabs on the street in Israel do indeed look at Jews as occupiers of their country – the entire Land of Israel. When they say, “From the river to the sea,” they mean exactly that. They strive toi replace the State of Israel with an Arab country from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Is there a peaceful and reasonable solution to this? Probably not. Ultimately, the only true solution is one that includes encouraging mass Arab emigration out of Israel coupled with Israel’s total annexation of all of the disputed areas. This is not a very original idea. It was the norm in many countries in post World War II in Europe. When a massive minority serves as a massive fifth column that attempts to destroy a country from the inside, the only solution is to weaken the fifth column and defeat their ideas.

Motivation for Terror
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