Former Israeli PM Bennett: “It’s Time to Destroy Hamas”

by Phil Schneider

In the year 2005, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, made a fateful decision that has led to round after round of Hamas attacks on Israeli towns around the area of Gaza. But now, this time around, Israel was caught unprepared, and thousands of Arab terrorists succeeded in overrunning Israeli towns and slaughtering Jewish civilians and Army personnel caught unaware.

When it is all over, the number of killed in that fateful Shabbat and Jewish Holiday will number around 1,000 Jews killed – in one day! The entire State of Israel now knows that what many warned about for years was absolutely true. There is no negotiation with these animals. There is nothing they understand except force. Wild dogs must not only be muzzled and defanged. They cannot be let loose or they will sow destruction.

Israel is now in a fateful hour. It will either rid itself of the threat at it’s doorstep, or it will continue to have havoc on it’s border and more killings for years to come.

Will Benjamin Netanyahu stand up to the test? He is clearly an experienced Prime Minister with a stellar record. But this is an unprecedented test even for him. The easy way out for him would be to bomb the living daylights out of Hamas till they scream uncle, rescue as many hostages as possible, and leave with as few soldiers killed as possible and establish a security zone near the fence in Gaza.

This would be a grave mistake. The job that needs to be finished is as follows: Israel must liberate Gaza once and for all from Hamas and Arab control. Israel and only Israel can be responsible for an area that is so close to millions of Jews in the State of Israel. Israel cannot allow a terrorist mini-State to breathe next to it and stockpile missiles. There is only one way to keep things under control. That is via total military and civilian control of the area. The Arabs can deliver their mail, groceries, and driver’s licenses.

Only with total control of Gaza can Israel make sure that weapons do not flow into Gaza and tunnels are not dug under Israeli Army bases. Hi-Tech Fences are overrated. The only thing that insures real security is total control over the area. The rest is a bunch of horse____.

When Israel is in control, it can work to encourage Arab immigration out of Israel via financial incentives. This is a workable solution.

Will Netanyahu be strong enough to insure a lasting calm from Gazaq or will Israel need to pay even a greater price for it’s past weakness?

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