Former Israeli cabinet minister calls for the rebuilding of the Temple on Temple Mount

by Phil Schneider

Is this a fairy tale? Will there actually be a 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount in the same location as the Al Aqsa Mosque? There is probably no greater controversial issue that divides the Jewish people and the Arabs in the State of Israel than the fate of the Temple Mount. Let’s delve into this issue a bit more in order to understand the complexities of this issue.

The Holiest Location in the World?

The Jewish people have a strong tradition from the Bible that says that since the Creation of Mankind till today, 5,780 years have passed. For the first 2,000 years, there was no mention of Jerusalem, and the Jewish people did not exists as a people. But, shortly after the year 2,000, God chose Abraham and his wife Sarah to build out the Jewish nation. After a few generations, Abraham and Sarah’s great-grandchildren went down to Egypt because of the famine in the Land of Israel. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had travelled across the Land of Israel, but again no clear mention of Jerusalem yet in the Bible.

However, during the few hundred years of captivity in Egypt, the Jewish people had evolved into a nation – from a family of 70 to a nation of a few million people. And when Moses led the Jewish people through the wilderness to Mt. Sinai, millions of Jewish people heard God Speak to them at Mt. Sinai. This story of millions hearing God’s words is the basis of the religious belief system of the Jewish people. At Mt. Sinai, one of the things that was revealed to Moses was that one of the great stories of Abraham and Isaac occurred in the heart of Jerusalem. The story of the binding of Isaac occurred on the Temple Mount, in the exact place where the two Jewish Temples would stand – hundreds of years later. The 1st Temple was built by King Solomon, the son of King David on land that King David purchased – with cash – from the Jebusites. The Bible established the location of the Temple Mount as the most important place in the world – the Holiest place on Earth. The Temple stood for more than 400 years until the Babylonian Empire destroyed it. 70 years later, the 2nd Temple was rebuilt. It too lasted more than 400 years until the Roman Empire destroyed it. This all occurred more than 500 years before the creation of Islam.

The Islamic religion has Holy places too. Mecca is the holiest place where millions travel to for the Haj. It would be unfathomable for a Jewish synagogue to be established in Mecca. The Mosques that was built on the Holiest site of the Jewish people is somehow treated like a reasonable idea. But it is not. How will things change in the future. Only the prophets know…

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