Footage Released of Israeli Air Force Intercepting 2 Iranian Drones

by Leah Rosenberg

For whatever reason, only now has Israel released never seen before footage of Israeli jets shooting down two Iranian drones. It must have been extremely sensitive at the time, hence the footage only being released now. Otherwise, it might be an Israeli message to Iran, the US and Russia in connection to the Vienna nuclear talks would enable Iran to build nuclear weapons.

The Moment the Israeli Air Force Intercepted Iranian Drones

Check out the Israeli Adir (F-35I) fighter jets taking down Iranian drones. When the Israeli Air Force did this last year on March 15, 2021, the footage was not released to the public. Now, the footage has been shared.

As reported in a JPost article, “The interceptions of the UAVs were carried out prior to them entering Israeli airspace in coordination with neighboring countries,” the military said, without naming the countries due to security concerns. The drones were bringing weapons to “Palestinian” terror groups in Gaza.

The Iranian threat is real. It is present and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere right now. Iran has been using more unmanned aerial systems to attack throughout the region. Their aggression is not only a threat to Israel but a threat to the stability of the entire world. If only more people realized how serious the danger was.

Thank G-d these drones were intercepted. Israel has the means to defend itself. We hope they won’t have to use those means, but if so, they will do everything they can to stop Iran.

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