Footage of three Jewish students being attacked at Indiana University

by Avi Abelow

This footage of Jewish students being attacked on a college campus is frightening. Is this the new norm for Jewish students on American college campuses?

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Language Warning:

Jewish Students Being Attacked

Can you watch these Jewish students being attacked without cringing? At Indiana University, 11 men beat up 3 Jewish students and shouted antisemitic slurs. How can this happen? And how can this happen in America? We keep asking the same questions, and these attacks keep happening. Some of the antisemitic assaults are verbal and others are physical. They both need to be taken seriously, and the offenders need to receive consequences.

The injured students were part of a Jewish fraternity called Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi). It has been reported that the Jewish students got concussions from the attack. Is that what a college experience should be like?

They Deserve More

Although Indiana university seems to be dealing with the matter and taking it seriously, Jewish students across college campuses deserve more. They deserve better. They do NOT deserve to be the target of so much hate and violence. The antisemitism that took place at Indiana University is just one incident of many. You can ask Jewish students at universities throughout the United States if they have experienced antisemitism. And sadly, the answer will probably be yes.

Dr. Risch

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