Fired PBS Principal Counsel runs away after being busted for violent comments

by Phil Schneider

Are there many powerful people in the USA who genuinely believe that people need to be reeducated by the government? Is the idea behind the freedom of speech and freedom of ideas in the USA under attack? Unfortunately, the answer is: yes – absolutely. But the key to understand is that this is nothing new. The stifling of ideas has been going on for quite some time. The difference now is that the people who believe in stifling the opposition and canceling the freedom of ideas are now in power in Washington. That is indeed a scary thought. Will the United States begin a serious downward spiral?

One of the basic tenets of the design of the government of the United States of America is the separation of powers between the three seats of the United States Government, The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. They all have immense power, but each balances out the other’s abilities to become too powerful. But what if all of these branches are firmly in the hands of one side of the political divide? Will that necessarily lead to an unhinged leadership of the country?

Some may think that this is the situation that we are in today. But, a few things must be noted. First off, the Judicial branch is not slanted to the left today. At most, it is a centrist Supreme Court. But, more probably, it is a rightward leaning Court due to the three appointees of President Donald Trump. But more importantly, the Senate is split at 50-50, and the filibuster idea – for now – allows a large minority to not be stomped on mercilessly. Bipartisanship is not gone today. But will it be gone by 2022 or 2024? Will the Supreme Court be packed to 13 Supreme Court judges? Will Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. become States in order to insure that four more Democratic Senators tip the Senate for the next decade or two? If the Democratic majority tries these political ruses, they may succeed. But more probably, it will boomerang, and 2022 or 2024 will bring a sweeping change to the right in Congress and the Executive. It won’t be boring.

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