Fidel Castro Is Just One Of Bernie’s Many Friends

by Gavriel Dan

In a recent interview on CNN, Bernie Sanders espoused positive feelings for late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro: “When he took over he started a national literacy program.” He went on to explain that even though Fidel was an authoritarian he did a lot of good things for Cuba.

The problem with Bernie is that no matter how much his campaign seeks to mask it, Sanders is an ideological Marxist and he has a hard time hiding it. As Ben Shapiro says in the above video, “Bernie is a crazy person.”

Throughout his 40 plus year political career, Bernie has praised communist regimes across the world. Yet, when it comes to Israel – all he can say is that they are racist.

There is a reason why the Democratic party is scared of Bernie winning. With his comments alone about Castro, he has probably lost Florida. With more and more information about his friendly attitude towards communist regimes coming to light, it will be harder and harder for people to pull the lever for him.

To prove this point, the latest Rasmussen poll has Trump at 50% to Sanders 43%. That is the greatest margin between Trump and anyone in the Democratic field.

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