Fascism on the Streets of the US

by Avi Abelow

Andy Ngo is an independent journalist who reports on the left-wing antifa movement. He was just attacked at an Antifa protest in Portland, Oregon.

Antifa markets itself as an anti-fascist movement, yet this group is fascist itself! This group has a history of violence and shutting down voices of dissent, like journalist Andy Ngo, actually highlighting that they are the fascists!

Ngo has become targeted by Antifa thugs because he attends their events to capture their violence on camera, exposing the truth about them. Unfortunately, mainstream media is silent about their violent activities.

Antifa has been labeled a domestic terrorist organization by the Department of Homeland Security Yet, law enforcement across the USA have done virtually nothing to stop their violence.

What makes the situation even more dangerous for Americans is that Democrats and the left not only do not condemn Antifa violence, but they support it. Their logic goes that anyone who is a neo-nazi deserves to be stopped with violence. The problem is how they define who is a neo-nazi! An internal document leaked from Google deems Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager and Jordan Peterson as neo-nazis! This categorization basically gives carte blanch to anyone to use violence against people who support the views of those people. I

This is a very scary reality in American today. Google and big tech are basically labeling people they disagree with ideologically as “neo-nazis” and then leftist-fascist thugs, like Antifa, feel that they are righteous for using violence against people who support their ideological positions. Violence no longer is not wrong, it is now the right thing to do against ideological oponents.

How ironic for a worldview, the left, that used to pride itself as standing up against violence, and who still today protest against Israel for using violence to stop real terrorists who use real violence to try to kill innocent Israeli everyday.

Andy Ngo Speaks After Attack

Unfortunately, Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland is enabling this Antifa violence. After the attack, the Portland Mayor said that he “supports the police’s decision not to intervene” in the attack on journalist Andy Ngo.  They’ve forced the police to stand down several times the last few years that has allowed the masked antifa thugs to openly assault people in the streets right in front of them with no consequences.


Freelance journalist Dave Bender posted on his facebook page:

I’m flabbergasted that these modern-day brown-shirted thuggerati assaults are seemingly allowed to continue unabated – what the hell has happened to my birth country?

Why aren’t the national media all over this, and taking the police, and city officials to task for – apparently – passively sanctioning such wilding in the streets?

Almost a decade ago (so pls don’t reflexively pin this on reactions to Trump), I remember “Occupy” thugs smashing windows and harassing passersby in major urban areas, and then “Black Lives Matter” nighttime frenzied riots, and now it’s metastized to this.

Over, and over, and over, and over such displays of violence – always against conservatives, but barely reported outside of the local news – and then, barely before they cut to local ads and “now for the sports and weather reports!”

I weep for America.

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