Famous actress Mayim Bialik shares her journey to Jewish observance

by Leah Rosenberg

Listening to how people come to Jewish observance is fascinating. But it is especially fascinating when the story is coming from a famous Hollywood actress!

The Journey to Jewish Observance

Mayim Bialik is probably most well known for her role in a show called The Big Bang Theory. She also, though, played the title character back in the 1990s in a show called Blossom, which was an NBC sitcom. But the most important role Mayim Bialik plays is being a Jew. Listening to her speak about her Jewish observance is amazing. An observant Jew in Hollywood? You just do not hear of that too often! Bialik works hard to balance her religious and secular lifestyle. Maintaining a Jewish lifestyle in her world is no easy task!

Jew in the City

The woman in this video with Bialik is Allison Josephs, otherwise known as Jew in the City. Allison helped Mayim along her journey. She embraced her with love and acceptance. She taught her about G-d and the challenges that come with being observant but that everyone faces challenges. Every Jew struggles with something, but that does not mean we throw it all away. As Bialik said in the video, “We don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.” Part of human existence is struggling and learning to overcome and confront those challenges.

Listening to how Mayim Bialik feels about having G-d in her life is beautiful. Whether someone is Jewish or not, they can benefit from hearing her story and her journey.

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