Family Celebrates Israel with Amazing Israeli Flag Dance

by Avi Abelow

I love this so much, on so many levels!!! Enjoy this special Israeli flag dance that my family and I performed for our son’s Bar-Mitzvah celebration.

Since my son was born right before Israel Independence Day, we decided to surprise him with a special Israeli flag dance that is usually done in communities to celebrate Israel Independence Day.

I have to admit that this dance was a triple emotional high for me:

  1. Celebrating this life milestone for my son with this special dance
  2. Celebrating the miracle of Israel with this special dance
  3. Performing this special dance together with my wife and children

Still now, watching the video of our dance causes me to get extremely emotional.

It’s not just the dance, it’s the words of this amazing song! We are proclaiming our belief in the one and only G-d above, who protects the Jewish people, and screaming out that we have nothing to fear, because he is looking out for us. Powerful words and life lessons for every Jew.

Overall, I feel blessed. Very blessed. Blessed to have an amazing, beautiful wife who is a fabulous life partner. Blessed to have amazing, wonderful and beautiful children. Blessed to be raising my family in our eternal, ancestral, Biblical and beautiful homeland. And blessed to have over 90% of my whole extended family living in Israel.

We are living the 2,000+ year dream of the Jewish people, once again living as sovereign in our homeland, Israel.

Every moment that we are living here and raising our children here in our natural indigenous habitat, is a blessing.

And as I always say, the biggest blessing is to know that you are blessed!

As too many people take things for granted and don’t take the time to stop and appreciate how blessed they are for what they have.

If anything, I want people to take a moment and internalize how blessed they are for everything they do have going for them.

And for all the Jews reading/watching this, I want you to know how blessed you are to live in a generation that we are the sovereign in our ancestral homeland once again. Then think deeply about joining us here, if you are not here yet.

Finally, celebrate life. While we all experience hardships and tragedies, there is so much to be grateful for. Never throw the baby out with the bathwater.

One who truly internalizes the beauty of the Torah lifestyle knows that it is a magic elixir to help us live an attitude of gratitude. All we have to do is follow the Torah inspiration and live accordingly.

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