Facebook Exposes the FBI’s Request That Should Terrify Every American

by Phil Schneider

The American political system is based on the separation of powers and checks and balances between the three elected branches of government. The legislative, judicial, and executive branches are all directly elected or nominated and approved by elected officials. They all have enormous power, but also have limitations on their power via the separation of powers.

In truth, there are branches of the government that often act in ways that place them above the law and without any real oversight. The FBI and social media companies are the two prime examples of this. The FBI has always had a shady power structure. After all, it is supposed to involve itself in covert activities in order to insure the well-being and security of the United States.

However, what determines a security threat is always up to the head of the FBI to determine. J. Edgar Hoover was probably more concerned about John F. Kennedy as a security threat than he was with communist expansionism. So in many ways Hoover had more untamed power than most any other leader within the US Government. With this Marc Zuckerberg interview on Joe Rogan, it has now come to light that the FBI still operates today in many ways like it did back in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

But today, the main threat to the security of the United States is the quashing of true democracy via the trampling of basic freedoms such as the freedom of speech. This is being done willfully via the FBI and social media companies that are colluding to quash opinions that differ with their anti-Trump and progressive world views.

Yes, social media companies act like governing authorities in many ways because they have such a stranglehold on allowing or disallowing freedom of speech. That has always been a governmental decision – not a private company decision. No more. That is today determined by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon. They deplatform, demonetize, and demote searches based on their political opinions, irrespective of the price that we all pay for a loss of freedom of speech.

Joe Biden may have been dragged into much of the mud that Hunter Biden waded in. But the fact remains that Joe Biden was a willing partner to Hunter’s monetization of his Dad’s connections. This is corruption of the highest degree. But in 2020, there was one goal in the FBI and social media companies – bring down the Donald. They knew that they needed to marshal all of their efforts in order to convince the electorate that ol’ Joe was a legitimate and capable alternative. This was a lie that the FBI, Jill Biden and the social media companies all knew. But they conspired to bring down the Donald – no matter what.

The American public is angry. Every time they fill up their car or go to the grocery store, they get angrier. In 2022, Congress will shift, and the pendulum will swing back towards normalcy and freedom. But the big question mark will be 2024. Be on the watch for more disinformation campaigns and don’t believe all you read on social media.

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