Eye-Popping Information Revealed about 2020 Elections

by Phil Schneider

Was the 2020 election any different than any other election where there have been some irregularities? After all, in a country with hundreds of millions of people and millions of voters, there is no question that there will be some irregularities. There will always be people, on both sides of the aisle, who break the law to get their candidate elected. So, why should 2020 be viewed differently?

There is an answer about 2020 that sets it apart from any other election. It is not Donald Trump, and it is not Joe Biden. It is not how close the election was. The 2000 election of George W. Bush over Al Gore was even closer. Hundreds of votes in Florida would have changed the result in that election. What sets 2020 apart from any other election is the fact that so many absentee ballots were employed due to the coronavirus pandemic. How many more? That is what is at the core of this jaw-dropping documentary that will raise a major red flag over the way that democracy is played out in the United States today. Not only the number of absentee ballots, but the hours in which the absentee ballots were deposited.

This is not just controversial – it is very troubling.

In 1960, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy were neck and neck. Till today, there are serious reports of irregularities about that election. In 2000, everybody agreed that the odd paper ballots used in Florida caused many people to mistakenly vote in the valuable toss-up State of Florida. But Dinesh D’Souza takes it further concerning the 2020 election. He claims that what happened here was a planned crime to steal the election in key counties where the election would be determined.

Is this just a conspiracy theory or is there indeed much truth behind these accusations? Watch and decide.

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