Everything You Need to Know About Israel in 1 Minute

by Leah Rosenberg

Take a look at who chooses to serve in Israel’s army, the IDF. It says a lot about the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

Serving in the IDF

Although Jews generally have to serve in the Israel Defense Forces or do some type of national service, Arabs do not. And yet, many choose to serve in the IDF. Many Arabs volunteer for the army. The fact that someone like Shadi wants to defend Israel says a lot about Israel and the Jewish nation. It really says it all. It proves all the Israel-haters wrong. It invalidates all the lies about the Jewish state.

There are Arabs who want to defend freedom. There are Arabs who know that Israel is a free and democratic state; that Israel treats them well, unlike the “Palestinian” leadership treats them. The world says Israel is an apartheid state. But would an apartheid state have Jews, Arabs, Druze, Muslims, and Christians serving side by side in the country’s army?

Just look at the facts. Look at Israel and what goes on there. Speak to Arabs like Shadi. He will tell you the truth. Speak to Arabs like Yoseph Haddad, who spoke to Shadi about serving in the IDF in this video. Israel is not trying to hide anything. They do not mistreat the Arabs or Christians or Druze. It is only the Palestinian Authority that mistreats everyone – even its own people.

So the next time someone tries to lie about Israel and how it treats Arabs, show them this video. Share the truth.

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