Biden Makes the Biggest Joke by Blaming Putin for This

by Phil Schneider

Is Joe Biden correct in accusing Vladimir Putin for the high prices of turkey and nearly everything else in the kitchen? Well, there is certainly some truth to that argument. But, there are also obvious flaws in that argument. First off, runaway inflation in America began before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But there is a more basic issue here that Joe Biden overlooks every time he blames Putin for America’s economic woes. Why did Vladimir Putin choose to invade Ukraine at this point? The answer is that there were many things that made the timing just right. Russia’s aging population and powerful nuclear arsenal that was fast becoming obsolete meant that it’s power was on the decline with every passing year. Putin has had ideas of restoring Russia’s powerful standing on the world stage for many years – especially due to his perception of NATO encroaching on Russia from the West. Ukraine was fast becoming more and more westernized. Putin saw that time was running out for Russia to make a bold move.

But more than the above reasons, America is indeed the world’s policeman and that is a good thing. World War II did not need to be as deadly as it was. But America was filled with an isolationist spirit in the 20’s and 30’s, England was led by leaders who believed in pacifying dictators, and Russia colluded with Germany for the first 2 years of the War. That is why Germany was able to successfully invade many countries from North Africa in the south, Russia in the East and bomb England to the West. World War II would have been a short war had Churchill’s warning been heeded earlier on and the West would have unified to stop German aggression before the September 1939 invasion of Poland. But then as now, nobody in the West wants to fight a war unless it is absolutely necessary to. This led to delaying the inevitable for years until America finally was ready to listen to Churchill after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Those precious years of delay meant that hundreds of thousands of American, British, and other allied soldiers would pay with their lives.

Biden’s Afghanistan debacle – that is what it looked like to everybody in the world – showed Putin that America had returned to it’s isolationist position and would not lead a Western coalition to stop an invasion of Ukraine. China would continue to buy gas and oil from Russia, so Russia would not collapse from economic sanctions.

So, yes, Putin’s aggression has driven up the price of turkey. But Putin’s invasion of Ukraine occurred due to the weak leadership of Joe Biden.

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