EU high court discriminates against Jews and Muslims in recent ruling

by Phil Schneider

The ruling in Europe decided that it is OK to discriminate against Jewish and Muslim slaughter laws. This may seem like a minor issue, based on a concern for the rights of animals. But, it is simply a clear violation of human and religious rights. Brooke Goldstein explains that this is not about animal rights, but about how an animal is handled after death.

Brooke does a great job of explaining that this is not about animal rights, but a feeble excuse against mass immigration of Muslims into the European Union. This kind of a ruling is a very dangerous precedent. Any time that the words “absolute discretion” are used in reference to what countries can do to restrict religious freedoms, it should be viewed as a red flag. This is serious stuff.

The European Union is now trying to deal with the fatal immigration mistakes that it made over the last decade by limiting the rights of the citizens that are there now. That is exactly the wrong method. The countries that have handed out the most to citizens that were literally able to walk right into it’s borders are the countries that have the greatest problems today. But the solution to these problems does not lie with banning the religious rights of the people in it’s midst. It may not be too late to improve things. But this is not the way to do that.

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