Enemies Are Laughing at America Because of This

by Phil Schneider

China used to be known for the aged leaders that were in charge of it’s government. The problem with the United States leadership today is not all about age. But, age is clearly a major issue that is plaguing the American leadership. This is not a partisan issue. Mitch McConnel is an old Republican with enormous power. Pelosi is a Democrat with massive power. But most of all, the President has been in cognitive decline even before he was elected into the Oval Office.

There is only one real solution for this problem. Term limits. It will not be solved as much via cognitive tests or age limits as there will always be a corrupt doctor who will be found who will say that everything is perfectly fine with the candidate. Age limits are also wrong as some 80 year old politicians are perfectly able and sufficiently able to function.

But term limits places an automatic end to incumbents using their power to stay in power for decades and into their old age. Power must be split up via term limiting more and more people in order to insure that less professional politicians hold onto power too long.

What is more complicated is when an elected politician becomes ill. Ronald Reagan was visibly slowing down at the end of his 2nd term. But he was able to hold on and duck most difficult questions, especially those about the Iran-Contra Affair. There is no simple answer to this issue. But, a sensitive solution must be found for dealing with people who are unfit for office who are in office.

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