Dr. Fauci Sponsored the Creation of COVID-19, and Here is the Proof

by Phil Schneider

The Wuhan virus is indeed the China virus as former President Donald Trump labeled it. This is a very important detail to learn from in order to make sure that we are better prepared to avert another outbreak.

There are many leaders in the United States who know that the evidence that the Wuhan Lab is the source of the virus is indeed overwhelming. It is not a 100% clear proof, but it is way beyond 90%. Viruses of this sort do not just create themselves naturally.

But there is more proof – much of it, very damning against Dr. Anthony Fauci. From the very start of the pandemic, there has been constant denial of the lab origin of the virus, despite the fact that most of the Professors knew that the natural origin narrative was probably wrong. Can viruses truly jump from bats to humans via an unidentified animal? The odds that this could have happened are very far from probable. That is one of the main reasons that the lab origin of the virus is so much more convincing – the alternatives are simply too far-fetched.

The only reasonable explanation is the Wuhan Lab theory. One can argue as to whether or not gain of function research was necessary there in the first place. But to say that the virus did not originate in the Lab is to negate overwhelming evidence that points in that direction.

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