Dr. Fauci and the NIH Have Now Been Officially Exposed

by Phil Schneider

There was a legitimate debate within the community of scientists concerning the best way to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. But that is rarely known – to this very day. One side basically trampled on the opposing side in a brutal manner that made it clear to the masses that there was only one way to deal with the pandemic. Shut down, mask up, and take the vaccines. But there was a legitimate minority opinion held by hundreds of leading scientists that thought that this was the wrong direction on multiple levels. This minority opinion was willfully ignored, ridiculed, and treated like a wacky fringe idea of deniers – especially when President Trump took their side.

The fact remains that the minority opinion throughout the medical community was certainly not a fringe opinion and actually had much more support from top of the line scientists than was reported. In this Full Measure report, the truth is revealed as to how objective scientific analysis has been so devalued due to the enormous power that was handed to Dr. Fauci and the NIH.

Were children foolishly closed out of schools? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps that saved the lives of many older people. Were children vaccinated en-masse for good reason? Probably not. In the coming years, it will become more and more apparent what was more risky for children – being vaccinated or not being vaccinated.

But what is clear is that the scientists who took a stand against the mass vaccination of children were treated horribly – to this day – by their peers and the social media companies that colluded to shut down free speech on the issue.

When Harvard and Stanford Professors are ridiculed as fringe quacks, it is time to rethink things. Most of all, one needs to ask who had more to lose from taking a stand on these matters. Did Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins from the NIH have more or less to lose from lockdowns, masking up, and mass vaccinations? The answer should raise a flag of concern.

Sharryl Attkisson does a great job of revealing the big hit that so-called “science” has taken. But the real war is not about who gets to define what is science and what is not. It’s about the war to preserve our freedom of speech.

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