Douglas Murray – Should Israel Have a Proportionate Response to Hamas?

by Phil Schneider

Razor-sharp response to the most ridiculous idea of proportional response in conflict. Nobody has said it better than Douglas Murray. This video should be seen by 1 million people and sent to every single person who throws out the absolutely asinine idea that both sides in war should have a proportional response when battling each other.

The point of a war in the freedom-loving world is to win and destroy the other side’s capability to kill, terrorize, and do other evil things to your side. The goal is NOT to win the game of morality. Actually, it is perhaps a most immoral idea to try to NOT blast the other side into oblivion with overwhelming force.

When America and the rest of the Western world united to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait and insure that Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East was safe, there were more than ten times as many American planes, tanks, soldiers, artillery, and special forces on the side of the West. That is precisely why so few casualties were counted on the Western side.

Whatever Israel does, they better overwhelm the terror state in Gaza disproportionally once and for all and make sure that there will never be a massive attack from there to Israel ever again.

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