Douglas Murray and Israeli Spokesman Nail it on the West and Israel 

by Phil Schneider

When dealing with the Israel-Arab issue, the woke progressive angle has made a clear choice – Israel only oppresses, and the Arabs are always the victim. Note that woke arguments nearly never use language such as good and evil. But there are specific situations that are labeled clearly evil by nearly all woke progressives. Israel has become a member of this category. Eylon Levy and Douglas Murray explore the aspects of this “psychotic” norm. 

No matter how many people Israel saves around the world when there are world disasters, and no matter how much higher the life span is for Arabs who live in Israel as compared with Arabs who live in neighboring countries, Israel is labeled as the evil occupier that can do no good.   

When Eylon Levy mentions that the anti-Israel attitudes seem to come from the gut and not at all from anywhere else, Murray wryly points out that “it certainly does not come from the brain.” The most glaring example of the utter hypocrisy is that when it comes to Israeli victims of rape and beheadings, the progressive anti-Israeli spokesmen simply cannot bring themselves to label this as pure evil. 

No matter what happens to Israelis, they have it coming to them following years of oppression of Arabs – so goes the argument. But the real problem with this argument is that the entire oppression argument is empty. So too, the argument that Arabs have a strong claim to the disputed areas of Judea and Samaria is one of the most exaggerated claims. Like all lies, there is a grain of truth that it is based on.  

The real facts are as follows – Until the turn of the 20th century, very few Jews and Arabs lived in the entire area that is today part of the State of Israel. The Jewish people largely lived in a few cities, mainly Jerusalem, Tiberias, Safed, and Jaffa. The Arab population was more scattered. But both populations were quite small – tens of thousands – until the mass immigration into the Land began in earnest pre World War I and post World War I. The Arabs who claim to have been in the Land of Israel for many generations are saying the truth no more than 1 or 2 out of 10 times. The rest are simply lying. Their families came from Egypt, Syria, or other areas near the Land of Israel in order to earn more money from the newly Jewish owned farms that were purchased in full by Jewish philanthropists from Europe. 

The Land of Israel was largely empty for many centuries. But the Jewish people – with help from Arab employees in many instances – brought the Land back to life over the course of the 20th century. Jews and Arabs actually did live side by side in relative calm for many decades except for limited outubursts. But in 1929, while the Land was ruled by the British, Jews were massacred mercilessly across various cities, especially Hebron. 

There is only one genuine problem in the Land of Israel. The vast majority of Arabs want to kill Jews. There is not a genuine land dispute. There is a religious dispute. As things stand now, only when one side understands that they have no chance to kill the other and they lay down their arms out of defeat, will there be genuine calm – not peace – in the Land of Israel.  


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