Does Israel Steal from the “Palestinians?” The Truth about Israel Comes Out

by Leah Rosenberg

Despite what the world wants you to think, here is the truth about Israel. The real truth – not the lies that the “Palestinians” spread.

The Truth about Israel

The issues that the “Palestinians” face is because of their own leadership. It is because of everyone else except…Israel. Israel could be a source of good for the “Palestinian” people, but their leadership doesn’t allow it. The Palestinian Authority does not care about its own citizens. They are corrupt. The world doesn’t want you to know the truth about Israel. The world wants you to think that Israel steals from the “poor Palestinians” and that all their problems are because of Israel.

But that is one complete lie. Israel does not steal water, food, land, medical supplies, or anything else. This is only one video that shares the facts and busts all the myths, but there are many more videos that further prove how many lies are spread about the one and only Jewish state.

The point is that Israel does a lot of good for the “Palestinian” people despite the fact that it does not need to. The “Palestinian” leadership doesn’t take care of its people.

Israel supporters need to know the facts so that they can fight back against the lies, whether it be on college campuses, the internet, or anywhere else. Maybe we can’t change everyone’s minds, but there are definitely those out there who just are ignorant and need to know the truth. And you can be the one to change their minds.

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