Documentary Exposes Terrifying Facts About China in the Years Before Covid-19

by Phil Schneider

Gain of function. Remember those three words. The idea of “gain of function” research is that it can anticipate a future transmissible virus that jumps into the human race from animals, birds, or some other way. Then, once it is understood, it can be treated. This is what the Wuhan Lab spent their time mucking around in. The Chinese scientists experimented on viruses in bats, years before the coronavirus became known for infecting people.

Could it be that by the summer of 2019 the Chinese Wuhan Lab was already experiencing a major bio-security leak? There was certainly a lot of activity around the lab that was picked up. China, always very good at hiding mistakes that their government makes, seems to have been dealing with the coronavirus outbreak back in November 2019, even though China claims that the outbreak was in Dec. 2019. That extra month would prove fatal to millions. Had the world known, airports could have been closed earlier.

Chinese doctors that acted as whistleblowers, disappeared or died from Covid-19. The true origin was almost definitely based on a mistake in the Chinese Wuhan Lab that was reckless and unsafe. This was not a natural occurrence. It is probably more than a 90% chance that the outbreak occurred due to a lab leak.

The Chinese Communist Party may not be as evil as some claim it is. But they are most certainly responsible for more than 6 million deaths that originated in their Wuhan Lab. Trump calling it the Chinese virus was indeed a correct label.

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