Disturbing trend of Anti-Semitism in Poland

by Aaron

It has been 73 years since the end of World War II. It has been 73 years since the murder of 6,000,000 Jews. Some Holocaust survivors are still alive to tell of the horrors. And Poland has already forgotten.

Disgrace in Poland

After just 73 years, Poland wants to criminalize anyone who claims Poland was responsible for the horrors in the Holocaust. This seems like it must be a joke. While the holocaust was done by the Nazis, there are plenty of cases of Polish people murdering Jews as well. There were some Polish people who saved the lives of some Jews. However, there is no denying the vast amount of cases of Polish involvement in some of the atrocities. There is proof, and there are documents. There are humans to testify.

Not only that, but Holocaust survivors have waited over 70 years for restitution for lost property in the Holocaust. And Poland just froze the Holocaust Survivors property restitution bill. What an insult. What disrespect to those who lost more than anyone can ever imagine.

And the Polish prime minister seems to be mocking the Holocaust. Is he REALLY going to claim that Jews were among the perpetrators of the Holocaust? Yes, that is exactly what he said. That was his response to a Holocaust survivor’s son when he asked the prime minister about the new law.

He even had the audacity to pay tribute to a Polish Nazi Collaborators group.

Never Forget

What does that even mean in Poland? Seemingly, absolutely nothing. Even right after the Holocaust in 1946, Polish citizens murdered more Jews in what was known as the Kielce massacre. Had they already forgotten? It can’t be. And today, they also “forgot.” But it is just that they do not care. They do not value the lives that were lost. They do not respect the Holocaust survivors who are alive to hear of these shocking words coming from Poland. Poland’s prime minister did not listen to the words “never forget.” And now Jews in Poland have to once again live in fear.

It seems that so many are doing everything they can to remember, and Poland is doing everything they can to forget.

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