DeSantis Shut Down the Liberal Media with This “Top Gun” Campaign Ad

by Phil Schneider

Governor DeSantis is more than just the main up and coming leader in the Republican Party. He will probably be the leader of the Republican Party in 2028 – if he wins his gubernatorial campaign. He probably will and he will probably win big. He barely won his election in the 1st round. But his policies have turned Florida into a very popular State. He even picked up a superstar citizen in Ben Shapiro who will probably help mobilize more voters for Gov. DeSantis than any other person in Florida.

The way to handle the press is not just sporting a good defense. It’s about knowing when to play offense, and how to play defense in a way that works in your favor. Donald Trump did not perfect this. although he is very effective at it. One can argue that Ron DeSantis does this better than anyone. He certainly showed how to do this in his many Coronavirus press conferences.

Gov. DeSantis does not look goofy in this Top Gun ad spoof. It really is how he does things. Gov. DeSantis does a great job of never backing down against false narratives. And he knows a false narrative thrown into a reporter’s question better than anyone.

DeSantis is a well-educated politician who is inspired by lessons from history. Tha is the best kind of politician. His record on Israel shows this to be the case. He doesn’t merely show his support for Israel via mild platitudes, but displays an impressive record of understanding the nuances of what really is going on behind the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East. It will be wonderful to see Gov. DeSantis elevate to the national stage in another few years.

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