Democrats Target Pence Over Coronavirus

by Phil Schneider

There are many people on the left-wing side of the spectrum who think that prayer is an outdated form of communication.  They not only have chosen to reject a Higher Authority, they ridicule anyone who still believes in God. 

This is but one of many examples of how the Democratic party has gone from being an enlightened liberal party to an increasingly progressive and radical leftist party that is against liberal values.

In the 1940’s, perhaps the most devout Christian sat in the Oval Office that ever served in the hallowed halls of power of the Executive Branch.  Harry Truman was an informed Bible-reading Democrat.  It is so hard to imagine such a phenomenon happening today.  In debates between Democratic Presidential candidates, everyone there seems to want to outdo the other with just how progressive and radical their views are.  In a mere four years, much of what was considered radical a few years ago when Bernie Sanders said it is now considered mainstream.  

We need more Harry Trumans and Mike Pences in the White House.  A restoration of decency will come when there is more religion being talked about.  It will add the critical element of humility that is so missing today among our leadership.

Col. Kemp

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