Democratic Politician blasts Ilhan Omar

by Leah Rosenberg

Will any other Democratic politician call out Ilhan Omar for being an anti-semite? How much worse does it have to get before the Democrats oust her?

Dov Hikind – Democratic Politician

Dov Hikind is a Democratic politician. But in this video, he clearly is not so fond or proud of his party. Ilhan Omar is a blatant anti-semite. She is trying to turn America against the Jewish people. It is hard to watch as Democrats stay silent in the face of such racism. She should be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee! If people on your own team are against you, then they should not be part of that team. Ilhan Omar is supposed to be on the same team as Hikind. But she is not. She is supposed to be on the same team as America’s allies, but she is not. Omar is supposed to be on the same team as America. But she is not.

Meaningless Apologies

Ilhan Omar’s comments have not been accidents. It is not about apologizing for making a mistake. She is saying what she believes. Why does anyone want her to apologize when it is all meaningless? It is about time that people start calling a spade a spade! Ilhan Omar is an anti-semite. There is no way to ignore that anymore!

Arab Incitement
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