Deep State Revolution Seeks to Break America

by Micha Gefen

There is a revolution at foot in America. The Deep State is using the coronavirus to weave a complex tapestry that seeks to steal the election from the first outsider President since Teddy Roosevelt. How? Universal mail in voting.

Never before have Americans been thrusted into the current election catastrophe that they are now careening towards. Universal mail in voting is being offered as a solution to the coronavirus pandemic, yet universal mail in voting has been shunned in the past because voting needs to be something that is guaranteed to have follow through and protected.

No one can guarantee that the mail in votes will be counted. An estimated 80 million Americans are slated to vote by mail in ballots. This is set to cause an even more volatile political situation to be even more volatile.

Will Trump lose? Not if Americans take back their electoral system and demand only to vote in person the way most civilized countries do.

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