Dear Infidels: A Grave Warning to America (Graphic Footage)

by Phil Schneider

Death and destruction are not just the goal of a radical fringe of the worldwide movement to spread Islam. Israel is perhaps known as the main adversary of the radical Muslims. But make no mistake. All that believe in freedom – especially America – are in their crosshairs They are just a little harder to reach. But now, the chants of “Kill the Jews! Kill America!” are not merely chants in the Middle East. They are now on campuses across the USA and on the way to neighborhoods all across America.  

The education of children whose parents are radical Muslims is to become a martyr and a terrorist. Even their cartoon characters are employed to turn their children into Koran-following Muslims that will attack infidels. From the very young age, they train their children to kill Jews. This extremely troubling short documentary explains what the fight against Israel is all about. It is about turning the world into an international Islamic State without infidels. 

Watch and beware. Viewer discretion is advised. Shariah Law is hard to watch. 

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