Shocking: US Joins in Moment of Silence for Mass Murderer

by Leah Rosenberg

The UN is a joke and an evil entity. But when the US joins in their corruption, it’s even more shocking. How disturbing is this?

US Joins in Moment of Silence for Wicked Iranian President

It’s bad enough that the United Nations Security Council held a moment of silence for the Iranian President who was killed in a helicopter crash. But the fact that the United States, Israel’s strongest ally, also joined in? That is just disturbing! You would think that if the US joins in a minute to remember someone that the person must have been worthy of remembrance. But we are talking about a man who has called for the destruction of Israel and America! Ebrahim Raisi’s nickname was the “Butcher of Tehran.” The Iranian president was a mass murderer!

The UN has been sinking lower and lower, and it seems that some Western countries are going down with them. What a disgrace!

There is no excuse for the UNSC to do such a shameful thing. And there is no excuse for the US to join in. If Nikki Haley was the ambassador to the UN still, she most definitely would not have stood up. She would have spoken out against this deplorable act! And now look at what the US did at the UN…

Truly sickening. The American leadership has lost its way. Biden has put together a disgraceful administration. And enough if enough. Let’s pray that positive changes are coming. Otherwise, America will continue to sink.

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