Deadly earthquake hits Albania, Israel responds

by Avi Abelow

A deadly earthquake hit Albania. People were killed. Hundreds injured. Thousands left without homes. And who obviously answered the call for help?

When a Deadly Earthquake Hits…

Whenever deadly earthquakes and other natural disasters hit, Israel is always one of the first, if not the first, to respond with aid.

They have responded countless times to natural disasters and tragedies throughout the decades. It is too many to count on even TWO hands. Greece, Mexico, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Japan, Guatemala, and Brazil are just a few countries that have benefitted from Israel’s aid. It seems absurd that so many people still want to boycott the Jewish state despite all the good they have done for the world.

Earthquake Hits Albania

On Tuesday, November 26, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Albania. The death and destruction it caused is tragic. When natural disasters hit anywhere in the world, it’s devastating. And when other countries reach out to help, it gives a little hope.

Respond How Israel Does

Israel responds to tragedies (in their own country as well as others) by helping and bringing more light into the world. God controls what happens. But we can choose how to respond. And everyone can learn from the way Israel responds to tragedies.

So let’s all make the world a little brighter by helping others in need.

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