Danes protest new law banning face veils in public

by Avi Abelow

Denmark is finally standing up to the problem of Islam in Denmark.  But the problem is NOT face veils. They have a flawed analysis of the problem and therefore the wrong solution. This legal ban on the Islamic face veils won’t solve any problem for Danes or any other country.

Bad Analysis

The Danes believe that the Muslim newcomers are “not integrating” into Danish society. Therefore they must come up with laws that force the Muslims to integrate.

However, Muslims who hold on to their religious beliefs in a Western country are not about “not integrating.” They adhere to a strong belief and allegiance to religious observance.  This is a concept that is foreign to most secular Westerners today.

High unemployment rates and reliance on welfare are not the result of “not integrating.”  They stem from the choice that many Muslims make to take advantage of a social welfare system.  It is a system that allows Muslims to not work, get free or cheap housing, and receive enough money to support numerous wives and tons of children.

Their analysis of “not integrating” is a totally flawed analysis.

Islam is the Problem

If Danes were seriously interested in keeping their society safe from the problems that Muslims bring to their society, they must understand Islam. Islam is about taking over the world.  A goal is to have all infidels either convert to Islam or subjugate themselves as second-class citizens to Islam. THAT is the problem facing the whole Western world. But they refuse to study Islam to understand the powerful force they are up against.

No, not all Muslims are the problem. Plenty of Muslims run away from their Muslim countries in order to free themselves from the Muslim culture. They want to have the freedoms of the Western world.  They have had enough experience with the intolerance and violence of the Muslim world. Yet, Western countries are so tolerant of Islam, that the intolerant, violent Muslims get away with their continued intolerance and violence in the Western countries as well. Not only do the native Westerners suffer.  So do the Muslims who try to escape this reality from their originating countries.

The Only Solution

There is only one solution for all countries interested in fighting back against the Islamic jihad creeping into their countries. They must close down the radical Mosques, expel the Imams, and expel families of those who preach and support jihad against the West.

Banning face veils won’t accomplish anything.

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