Arab Rioting Continues Outside Jerusalem’s Old City

by Gavriel Dan

For multiple days in a row, Israeli police have had to break up violent Arab riots at Damascus Gate, a predominantly Arab area of Jerusalem.

During the Ramadan Riots, violence at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate was typical and yet the current spate of violent riots appear to be disconnected with anything else, it appears that the hidden hand of Hamas is also pulling the strings behind these riots as well.

Why would Hamas start these riots now? Hamas still wants to control over Jerusalem. However, with more and more money being spent in Arab neighborhoods by the municipality, the more the Arab population in Jerusalem has less reason to be connected to Hamas. These riots is about Hamas trying to stay relevant. As Hamas loses the street, the best way to stay relevant is violence.

So why does Hamas keep the riots going – because Israel has not yet stepped in and stopped them.

Daniel Luria, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim, an organization dedicated to renewing Jewish life throughout the Old City had this to say:

“Arab violence and subsequent Israeli weakness has now reached new heights . Due to Arab violence around the Damascus gate area and rather than quell and squash the Arab head of terror- EGGED has njstones being thrown.”

Essentially if we want the the violence to stop, we must stand firm and push it away for good.

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