COVID-19 is killing Democracy, and no one cares

by Leah Rosenberg

The Coronavirus is serious. But when the world ignores everything else in the world, something is wrong. COVID-19 is killing Democracy. Do you care?

COVID-19 is Killing Democracy

Wow, did you ever think about this? Did you even realize that COVID-19 is killing Democracy?

It is true – we must take some precautions regarding the Coronavirus. But the world has become obsessed. The hysteria is out of control. Literally. If this pandemic is resulting in the disappearing of democracy, the world is doing something wrong. Very wrong. The removal of democracy will cause many more deaths than COVID-19 will cause. Does the world realize that? Does the media? Do you?

This video gives some examples of what has been happening throughout the world during the pandemic. But imagine how many more examples there are. Imagine how many more problems there will be if we keep ignoring things.

The Mass Hysteria

Mass hysteria doesn’t do anything positive. It causes more harm than good. It does not mean that we should go about freely during this pandemic. We should definition take the right precautions. We should of course make sure to wash our hands and follow the proper guidelines. But the mass hysteria that the media is causing is not only resulting in people living a life of fear, but it is also resulting in the failing of democracies throughout the world.

Spreading Good

How quickly does news spread in the media? Terrifyingly fast. And recently, the media has been so focused on how many deaths COVID-19 has caused. They have been so focused on how many have been infected and all the negativity surrounding the virus.

Can you imagine if they used their platform to spread good news? To stop mass hysteria? The world would be a different place.

Wouldn’t you want to live in a world like that?

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