Conservative Voices Turning Against Israel is a Dangerous Development

by Avi Abelow

A vast majority of right-wing conservative voices totally cherish the strategic US-Israel relationship. They understand how critical it is for the USA and know how priceless the benefits are to the USA. They also understand that while they want US troops to be used as sparingly as possible abroad, and in the Middle East, sometimes it is necessary.

However, there are some right-wing conservative voices that believe in US isolationism and that rarely, if ever, should the US send troops to fight abroad, especially in “others” wars.

The recent flareup in Iran is bringing out these voices. While these voices are not anti-Israel, they generate a sentiment that is trickling down to some right-wing conservatives, turning them against Israel. Since they think the conflict with Iran is an “Israel issue” and not a US issue they, therefore, conclude that it is Israel’s fault when US soldiers are killed fighting in the Middle East. This whole thinking is 100% wrong.

To be clear, I’m not accusing Tucker Carlson or his guest of being anti-Israel, not at all. I’m just raising a red flag to the thinking that Iran is the problem of Israel (and Saudi Arabia) and not the USA. That is extremely problematic. If they would have spoken about how Iran is an existential threat to the USA and other Western nations, but “let’s let Israel take care of it because of x,y,z” then that is a good point. However, by phrasing it that Iran is Israel’s problem and not a US problem, it leads people to misunderstand the situation, think that the US is only sending troops to fight “our” fight” and then blame Israel for any US deaths. That is the problem with their approach, a very big problem.

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