Bernie Sanders Compares Trump Taking out a Terrorist with Putin Assassinating Rivals

by Micha Gefen

Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic Presidential front runner openly compared President Trump’s action against Qassem Soleimani to Putin’s string of political assassinations.

While no boundaries have ever held fast when criticizing President Trump, self avowed Democratic Socialist, Senator, and Presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders has now suggested that there is no difference between the current US policy when attacking Iran and President Putin of Russia’s policy of using armed forces to assassinate political rivals in Russia.

This may be shocking to many, but the fact is the Democratic Left revels in creating false equations in order to mitigate and weaken the US government’s position internationally.

Why does it do this?

The Democratic Left owes no allegiance to any one nation, but rather to the principles of international socialism and revolution. Weakening the USA visa-vie Iran serves the goal of obfuscating good and evil. To the Left this is all about class struggle and not evil ideology, which for them is relative.

By turning Trump into the source of evil and Soleimani to just another political rival, one can then over look the extreme evil connected to the Iranian regimes’s rule.

The only question about Bernie is whether he knows or not.

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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