Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Retweets Horrendous, Life-Threatening Blood Libel

by Avi Abelow

On Friday afternoon a 7-year-old Arab boy went missing from Bet Chanina, Jerusalem… A video soon went public on social media supposedly showing him being kidnapped.

The video was just actually of another Arab Muslim father grabbing his own son into his car. However, the libelous lie spread with thousands of local Arab Muslims rioting in the streets.

Israeli police, firefighters and rescue teams with dogs searched for the boy.

Arabs and crazies (including US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib) around the world took to social media saying Israeli settlers kidnapped and murdered the boy.

Riots broke out near Neve Yaakov and Bet Chanina as police and rescue teams were attacked.

Israeli Jewish citizens were afraid to come out to help to search for the boy.

Thankfully, rescue forces found the boy on Saturday morning in a well, near his home, in an area that had filled with 7 meters of water, due to the rains and was a danger to people walking nearby.

The family publicly acknowledged that the boy had slipped inside as he was walking to the grocery story, and sadly died from the fall into the well.

This is an extremely sad and tragic story for the boy, his family and his community.

However, many people have been tweeting the following malicious information about this event. “7 year old palestinian Arab named Qusai Abd Abu Ramileh kidnapped by Israeli settlers, assaulted & then killed by drowning/hypothermia thrown in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem.”

This is a modern day blood libel!

Posted by Seth J. Frantzman on Facebook: There is only one country in the world where when a child goes missing and is found drowned that, western politicians (Tlaib, UK commentors etc) and western commentators spread stories of a “kidnapping” and “murder” without any evidence, without even being to the country in question or reading any factual reports…just because….antisemitism.

And that country is Israel.

If you want to believe anti-Israel views are not antisemitic, than just do a simple test. How come there is NO other country in the world where western politicians and educated elites adopted an “anti” stance. There is only one country where people are proudly “anti” the country. And it’s not just a coincidence this country is Israel, it is because of a western obsession that has existed for generations, which is hatred of Jewish people.

There is no evidence that “anti-Israel” views are just because of criticism of “Israel policies.” Why would people in a far off place suddenly be obsessively critical of “Israel’s policies.” Israel’s policies are not particularly worse than many other countries, such as Turkey. Not always worse or better than China or India or other places.

So if it was just criticism then by logic people would have the same tendency to be as obsessed with China, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, India, Malaysia and Australia’s bad policies. But they aren’t. There are not thousands of people knee-jerk obsessing over Australia brutal treatment of refugees on an island…or Malaysia racist laws.

It’s only Israel. That is the only country in the world where people in Sweden, UK , USA and other places are obsessively “anti” and ready to believe any hateful conspiracy, the only country where they are so obsessed that in their media they blame the “Likud party” for influencing elections in the UK and USA. They don’t blame any other foreign parties, whose names they don’t even know.

So when a child went missing over the weekend in Jerusalem…they were ready made to share incitement claiming he was “murdered” by “settlers” with no proof, nothing but incitement. They didn’t take it from “Arabic media,” they created their own narratives, even embellishing accounts and claiming “Israeli forces attacked medical personnel”…when it was Israelis searching for the boy.

Because anti-Israel views are antisemitic. Not some of them, all of them. There is no such thing as merely being “critical of Israeli policies” while relaxing thousands of miles away. Really? Why did you get up suddenly and decide to be obsessed with Israel? Why is it people I knew in University are reading obsessively about minor details of the “Israel-Palestinian conflict”…ummm did you read about Kashmir today? Oh…not so much.

There is no excuse for being “anti-Israel.” It is only a cover for hatred. And that is hatred targeting one small minority group in the world. And that is why “anti-Israel” always leads to obsessive conspiracies and tendency for people who are perfectly logical when it comes to other causes, to believe absolute nonsense and re-tweet nonsense. And that’s why it’s a short step from their supposedly “anti-Israel” crusade to blabbing about “rothschilds” and suddenly wanting to talk about the Holocaust. Because it’s not about Israel.

If it’s about Israel, then why is it about the Holocaust? Because where are the groups of “anti-Rwanda” activists to lecture us about “victims of Hutu genocide should not oppress others.” Oh, because there are no people giving us that lecture. Only when it comes to Israel do we hear about the Shoah also. No one says “how can Cambodian victims of genocide oppress the Chams.” So only when it comes to Israel is there some weird comment about “how can the victims become the oppressors in Gaza.” I don’t know, how can the victims of colonialism in Congo become the oppressors? How can the victims of Islamophobia become the oppressors in Afrin? What are you talking about? How can the Bosnian victims or Kosovar victims become the oppressors?

The real question you should ask is why the oppressors become the oppressors not some dog-eared cliche story about Israel. And thats why anti-Israel views are antisemitic, because they are always obsessively unique. There simply is no other example where a country is subjected to such ridiculous hatred and incitement and conspiracies and explanations.

* There is a caveat…Israelis and Palestinians have a right to be obsessed with Israel.

Dr. Risch

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