Conan O’Brien tries to convert to Judaism in 90 minutes, and it’s HILARIOUS!

by Leah Rosenberg

Conan O’Brien decides to convert in just an hour and a half. Watch Conan confront the Rabbi on the basic issues of deciding to become a Jew.  They don’t discuss whether O’Brien is a very Jewish name.  But, they do delve into some of the Jewish customs of conversion.

Conan’s Bar-Mitzvah

He even takes it up a notch and experiences what it would be like to have a Bar-Mitzvah.  OK – this is all fake.  It is actually ridiculous.  But Conan is really funny.  And it’s great that he came to Israel to have some fun and produce some off-the-cuff humor on the streets of Israel.

Conan with Netanyahu

Conan even met with the Prime Minister.  He traveled all around the country and brought smiles to everyone he met with.  Conan is a household name in the United States for his late-night humor.  It’s always good to see an Irishman going through Israel and making self-deprecating jokes about himself.

Conan in Tel-Aviv visiting Waze headquarters

Conan O’Brien gets it about the Start-Up Nation.  Israel has earned the reputation for being a hi-tech mammoth.  Often the human side of the hi-tech world of Israel is ignored.  Interestingly, in his performance in Waze headquarters, you can get a glimpse of what the environment of techies in Tel-Aviv is really like.  He chose a perfect place to visit and does an excellent stand-up routine with Waze workers in their offices.  This is very important in that he gets the word out in a super-real way about how hi-tech Israelis are.

Enjoy the video.  Start at the 8 minute mark.









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