Church Shooting Hero Teaches Us How To Deal With Evil

by Phil Schneider

On December 29th, a Monster entered a Church in Texas with the intention of committing a mass shooting. It took Jack Wilson 6 seconds to kill him. The average Police response time is 9 minutes. Jack saved the lives of his friends and family because he was armed and ready to defend them against absolute evil. This is Jack’s story.

Armed and Safe

The more people who bear arms, the safer the world will be. This is not what the anti-gun lobby wants you to think. But it is the truth. The debate should be about sub-machine guns, and other assault weapons. But more handguns – in the hands of responsible people – will absolutely save more people’s lives than the other way around. There are too many dangerous people who think that nothing will happen to them if they try to commit a massacre for whatever evil reason they may have.

When the brilliant people who set up the US Constitution made sure to allow for the right to bear arms, this was for one clear reason – to make sure that a dictatorship would never take over the country. This has proven time and time again in other countries to be the difference between evil succeeding or failing. There is alot of truth in the statements that Nazi Germany succeeded in wreaking so much havoc because so few people had weapons to fight back. If more people had the ability to, they would have created a Civil War in pre-war Nazi Germany. But, also during the war, more and more German people realized the tragedy that the Third Reich had brought upon them, and wanted to take action. But it was too late.

It is a good thing that the potential dictators that exist in our midst know that if they get out of hand, they will be stopped – dead in their tracks.

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