One Woman Leads a Campaign to End Bigotry Against Orthodox Jews

by Phil Schneider

How should anti-semitism be fought against? There are many ideas. Some are more unique than others. Most of them will probably not get a whole lot done. But, one idea that is more out of the box and may actually do something very powerful is this “in your face” idea.

If every ant-Semite knew a Jew, and that Jew was a wonderful person, would anti-semitism still exist? The answer is a clear, resounding, yes. Anti-Semitism exists beyond the realm of reason. What exists is aan age-old habitual reflex to scapegoat the Jew, whether one knows or does not know the Jew. The attitude is not based on any form of logic. This has been proven conclusively as Jews are accused of conflicting evils in nearly all situations of scapegoating. They are both called Communists who want to take over the world and Capitalists who want to take over the world.

But, this is an excellent initiative. There are those who follow others who when they meet someone who completely shatters whatever negative stereotype they have about Jewish people, will indeed change their mindset. Should this be done on the streets of New York? Perhaps. But, the key thing is that it is filmed and spread wide and far online. Today, the key to spreading the positive messages of the Jewish people comes from the Jewish people who live in the Holy Land. They are the people who have the most optimistic, fully Jewish message to spread far and wide. They are the ones who represent the Jewish people on a national level to the world.

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