Chinese spies have breached the security of Congress

by Phil Schneider

Has China been working on infiltrating the United States in a comprehensive and systematic way that would compromise the security of the United States? The answer according to this Congressman is a resounding yes. Mr. Swalwell walked right into the jaws of a Chinese spy – with all of the red flags blaring – and simply ignored all of the warning signs.

In a few years, many will discuss what was the most important contribution to the United States of the Trump administration. The odds are high that the answer will be the shift in the normative opinion of most people in the United States as to which country poses the greatest danger to the United States. Mitt Romney had said that Russia posed the greatest danger. Others probably would say that Radical Islam was the greatest threat. But, the main threat in the decades ahead will probably come from China.

The Chinese threat is something that will be harder and harder to deny as more and more exposes reveal that China has tentacles in tens of universities and campuses around the country. But now, we are seeing the power that the Chinese Communist Party has with some lawmakers too. This is truly disconcerting. If a massively wealthy Chinese Communist Party is focused on gradual world domination via throwing it’s wealth around in a strategic manner so as to increase world dependency on them, then the world is indeed under threat. Americans are not used to combating a threat like the Chinese. The coming years will be defined by how different leaders handle the threat, and whether or not people rise up to the battle before it becomes a rude awakening.

Motivation for Terror
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