Does The Chinese Regime Have A Hand In The George Floyd Insurrection?

by Micha Gefen

Cold War 2.0 was supposed to be economic. It was supposed to be about moving military assets around the world in order to check the other side. However, the level of insidious penetration the Chinese Regime has made into Wall Street, US Universities, Big Tech, and even many politicians far out does the KGB’s infiltration during the first Cold War.

Why does this matter?

The US has always had a policy of instigating protests amongst Democracy hungry masses against totalitarian regimes. This is what we are seeing play out in Hong Kong. The challenge now is that China seems to be playing the same game against the USA. The CCP has long funded university programs and professors as well as main stream media bent on undercutting American culture.

With Chinese influence on Big Tech and their ability to sway public opinion, the CCP has effectively become the hidden hand behind these riots. Ultimately, the only way for the CCP to counterpunch the USA is by breaking it apart from the inside. While the summer of 1968 was very reminiscent of the current summer of protests, equally parallel was the KGB’s infiltration and instigation within many of the legitimate protests of the time.

Of course, it did not work, but it left a roadmap for the CCP’s current forward attack.

The steps really are not that hard to put together. First the coronavirus, sourced in Wuhan, China which appears to be connected to the trade deal Trump forced on the CCP and now nationwide violent riots that drowned out legitimate protests occurring right after the Trump administration’s push back in Hong Kong.

With a willing Democratic Party, Obama operative run extremists, pliable media, globalists and Trump’s Deep State enemies, the CCP has found a perfect storm they are exploiting with their internal US allies in order to permanently take down America.

All of this can be stopped, but it takes people with clarity and humility to lead the way. Unfortunately, no one has been willing to state the obvious and step and lead.

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